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Chryssie E By MsChryssieE Completed

In life we don't always get what we want, but sometimes life has a way of sending help for us in various forms which in the end allows us to achieve what we wanted all along!!!

This book is part one of a four part series:
* Dreams
* Reality
* Passion
* Faith

Please read in order!!!

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LAonfleek156 LAonfleek156 Jul 31, 2017
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MuvaChey MuvaChey Sep 20, 2017
I worked at Starbucks NEVER AGAIN! I hate entitled rich assholes so much 😭
dang rude response just cool no. oh tell her I said hey. or nun of that just rude his momma should have raised him with more respect.
Officially17 Officially17 Aug 30, 2017
Awe man , why Starbucks always the place love birds meet ?😂
Ms_LovelyBritt Ms_LovelyBritt Jan 05, 2017
Hmm...you can drizzle that carmel stick on these cookies any day 😝😭
Ms_LovelyBritt Ms_LovelyBritt Jan 05, 2017
So these hoes gone act like my good sis ain't sitting there with no say in this 😂