Beauty and the Punk [Phan au]

Beauty and the Punk [Phan au]

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Ah!?!?! By thatonewritingloser Completed

Dan's family is rich. But he doesn't really care about money so he spends his life running amuck with his piercings and eventually tattoos. But, when his family has a guest over from France, it turns out to be a beautiful young man that Dan falls hard and fast for: Phil Lester.

American AU 
If there is any extreme warnings I will post it on top of the chapter but for now the only warning is curse words

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Amaryllis_T Amaryllis_T Aug 24
It could be a different pair, he just may have a bunch of identical looking Ines
abster0412 abster0412 Oct 04
And I though my Nan's house was big..... hers is like half the size of that....
My names Alice and my brothers name is Talis and they sound exactly the same depending on who speaks so yeah
selreads selreads Oct 05
*cracks knuckles* I'm on my second year of french now I speak it so fluently, like I can say hon hon le baguette and j'aime manger Petites enfants
so paint it black and take it black lets shout it loud and clear
dec28baby dec28baby Aug 06
I just read khaki dress and thought of phill in a really cute dress like with the sleeves that go below your elbow and flares out and and it was so cute I almost cried