Beauty and the Punk [Phan au]

Beauty and the Punk [Phan au]

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Dan's family is rich. But he doesn't really care about money so he spends his life running amuck with his piercings and eventually tattoos. But, when his family has a guest over from France, it turns out to be a beautiful young man that Dan falls hard and fast for: Phil Lester.

American AU 
If there is any extreme warnings I will post it on top of the chapter but for now the only warning is curse words

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XD)))))))))) omg dan yup this is dan in his puretest form everyone i just want to thank god and jesus
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                              They clearly saw the horrors of being creative from watching dhmis too many times
Ok 'rusty ' English I'm English and I had to read that multiple times and even now it doesn't make full sen e
Okay but if your English is 'rusty' how tf do you know how to say rusty