Beauty and the Punk [Phan au]

Beauty and the Punk [Phan au]

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Ah!?!?! By thatonewritingloser Completed

Dan's family is rich. But he doesn't really care about money so he spends his life running amuck with his piercings and eventually tattoos. But, when his family has a guest over from France, it turns out to be a beautiful young man that Dan falls hard and fast for: Phil Lester.

American AU 
If there is any extreme warnings I will post it on top of the chapter but for now the only warning is curse words

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Like, it looks exactly like my house, I got weirded out because I actually thought it was my house at first
mukeability mukeability Jan 24
My sisters name is Danielle & I cringe when I hear danni because she used to be called that and had freaking temper tantrums over the name lmao
Let me just say that that house size is like my dream house size
CrustyOnion CrustyOnion Feb 22
I just wanted to share that my dog just laid beside me and I think he hates me and I feel honored
eshanavd eshanavd Mar 01
Oh mrs maid i think their gonna get along to well if you know what i mean *wiggles eyebrows*
eshanavd eshanavd Mar 01
I cannot imagine dan as a punk hes all like black black black emo but really hes a butterfly A PINK BUTTERFLY