Beauty and the Punk [Phan au]

Beauty and the Punk [Phan au]

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Ah!?!?! By thatonewritingloser Completed

Dan's family is rich. But he doesn't really care about money so he spends his life running amuck with his piercings and eventually tattoos. But, when his family has a guest over from France, it turns out to be a beautiful young man that Dan falls hard and fast for: Phil Lester.

American AU 
If there is any extreme warnings I will post it on top of the chapter but for now the only warning is curse words

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PhilIsOurSunshine PhilIsOurSunshine Dec 08, 2017
what thr sfuck his english is better than mine and english is my first language
Asmighty Asmighty Dec 05, 2017
Awww all of them have crush on him. I don't know why but I find it adorable.
PhilIsOurSunshine PhilIsOurSunshine Dec 08, 2017
                              adrian and daniella are going have to do an angelica schuyler for dan
tealcolors tealcolors Apr 04
i’m gonna pretend like her doesn’t have a septum piercing cause i don’t think dan can work that lmao
Reminds me of the first pinof where Phil tries to speak french.
brokencrimes brokencrimes Nov 21, 2017
welcome to the hunger games, and may the odds be ever in your favor