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Hetalia Boyfriend Scenarios

Hetalia Boyfriend Scenarios

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PRECIOUS CINNAMON ROLL By TicciHatchet Updated Aug 14, 2015

Includes England, America, Canada (didn't forget him ^^*), Germany, Romano, Italy, Japan, Ireland, Scotland, Russia, Austria,  and last but certainly not least.......Denmark, and ZHE AWESOME PRUSSA!!!!! Enjoy Nerds!

putting a wooden spoon over a pot of water doesn't stop it from boiling over.
"Your more than half Irish so you should fit right in" THATS LIKE SAYING "I'm more than half German in ethnicity but I only speak English....welp I'll fit right in"
I have this curl that randomly appears and dissapears for no reason and is super curly and small, like a curly fry ._.
Skyplayzgamez Skyplayzgamez 3 days ago
I wish that's actually what it meant, cause then I would have a curl like Canada's
NinjaFrye NinjaFrye Jun 01
wtf Russia what are you doing here
                              it's axis and dead ex-countries (sorry not sorry) party! I like you, but there are some rules!
But he's a dead country... that would mean that Deutschland also declared war on me