meant to be || c. d. ||  *UNDER MAJOR EDITING*

meant to be || c. d. || *UNDER MAJOR EDITING*

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"remember when we were little and there were thunderstorms, you always ran to me and hugged me? no matter where we were." cam smiled as he wrapped his arms around me.

"yes..." i shyly admitted, i felt his warmth and instantly i felt a hundred times safer. 

"i miss those days." cam said, looking out the window.

"what are you talking about? i'm 17 and i still run to you and expect you to hug me through the storm. that will never change. no matter if i'm single, dating, engaged or even married. i'm still going to find you and expect you to hold me until the storm has passed." i said, giggling.

"good. and just know that i'll always be there, waiting to hold you. even after the storm has passed. no matter what..." cam whispered to me.

a story in which life long friends, lia and cameron, have to struggle to find their way back to each other. because they both knew, from the very first time they met each other, that they were meant to be. 

lowercase intended(:

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yoursantaclaus yoursantaclaus Oct 17, 2016
Could you please read my story until the end? It's also Cameron Dallas' fanfic by the way. Thank you💚