With/Of Restricted Chapters :)

With/Of Restricted Chapters :)

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Chellsey By chellsey Updated Sep 24, 2013

These would be the sex scenes from the books
SWSOPM: 4,,33,35,36

i can't stop you from reading them, but please don't if you aren't old enough.

if your a young one, be young, don't go reading about sex.

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RebelMaid43 RebelMaid43 Nov 19, 2014
Omg!! It would be hilarious if Damon was like: actually my full name is Damon Riley Bob Parker!! XD
MidnightScreamer MidnightScreamer Jul 27, 2014
You sure that was your first time writing a sex scene? I think I'm going to need a cold shower.
mandymay1234 mandymay1234 Aug 25, 2013
That was amazing! And the part where they went slow and looked at each others eyes was just... beautiful!!! Fantastic job!!!
AK2013 AK2013 May 18, 2013
Best sex scene ever! I mean really, seriously- best I have ever read!! Amazing! :)
Kuro00Natsume00 Kuro00Natsume00 Apr 21, 2013
I know people think it perverted to read this but reading it with the story just makes sense and I get a feel of what the story is really about cause to me every story has a spirit of sorts/ is alive in its own way,...........anyway can't wait to see what happens next with the cute couple...:)
chellsey chellsey Jan 03, 2013
                              Lol. thank you. only took forever to write! haha
                              i think it was defiantly better than chapter four, i'm going to go back and rewrite it sometime later ;)
                              and they are quite adorable :)