No second choices

No second choices

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All About Dat Sass~ By Zofen456 Completed

Mikasa is young, beautiful, and is leading her cadet core class so far. 

She's always had a crush on her foster brother, Eren, but he's never shown any interest in her. At least, not until she's with someone else.

She agrees to date Jean and Erens jealousy makes him realize his mistakes. 

Now Mikasa must choose between her crush or her boyfriend. Who will she choose?

I'm sorry in advance if this story sucks. This is my first one ever! :D 

I promise that this won't just be a Mikasas just waiting for someone to sweep her off her feet sorta thing. Her and Jean would've only had like one date so it's not like a year of commitment. It's more like one of those test date things. 

I hope you enjoy reading and if you have any suggestions of where you want this story to go, you can leave it in the comment and I'll try to take them all into account while writing. Thanks!!!

Niantica Niantica May 07
I think this is one of that clip from the ova anyways nice Easter egg
Lady_Shiari Lady_Shiari May 26
... just tell Sasha it was a dream about food... she'll think it's normal
aladdinswatermelone aladdinswatermelone Sep 25, 2016
PotatoWarrior983 PotatoWarrior983 Aug 16, 2016
At the floppy word Lebron just went through my mind not that i am a bandwagon
                              Becuz i am a potato
*grabs Eren* U is gonna say thank you to Mikasa rn or else I'll kill u and stick a pole up your motherfuc-*Armin puts hand over mouth*
                              Armin: WE DONT NEED TO HEAR THE REST THANK YOU.
Yes!I finally found a book of AoT(my favorite)!But it was a love story but its ok