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Ciel X Reader X Alois

Ciel X Reader X Alois

41.1K Reads 1.4K Votes 14 Part Story
Wicka By Wick_the_Witch Completed

You are a new guest at the Phantomhive. But when young Earl Phantomhive catches your eye a war between rivals starts up one more time for the prize. You.

irisdocken2004 irisdocken2004 Aug 10, 2016
so i showed my friend the title and she read "the boy and his butter" and we laughed 4 like 10 min.
weebs_are_me weebs_are_me Jul 20, 2016
Sweet! I have blue eyes in this story! In every other story I have to GIVE my actual eye color! Phew, I love blue eyes. ^_^
FoxyChick2580 FoxyChick2580 Aug 26, 2016
That moment when you realize that Ciel would look good in that dress too because he looked good in the pink dress
melody_heartsxx melody_heartsxx Jul 30, 2016
My eyes aren't even in the family of blue (even though my profile pic says otherwise) so I'm just gonna pretend he said brown..
Nozomi-Chi Nozomi-Chi Aug 19, 2016
I don't like pale blue, but whatever.  XD (I'm probably the only one)
winter127 winter127 Sep 05, 2016
The blue in my dark brown eyes?
                              Ciel have you gone too long with wearing that eyepatch? I think you're getting color blind