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❤️Crush quotes❤️

❤️Crush quotes❤️

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getur_crayon By getur_crayon Completed

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If you have a crush, read this. If you don't have a crush, read this also. Because this will probably put u into a cheesy, romantic mood so why not? :3

A book complied of love quotes I found or sometimes think of so enjoy, berries!

Started: Jan 28, 2015
Ended: Jan 11, 2017


dks1127 dks1127 Feb 13
Its been a year and i still like him. For one years i didnt even doing anything, just saw he from far. Kuikui
rileyxmorgan rileyxmorgan Dec 25, 2016
I fell asleep in front of my sister and and when I woke up she said I looked peaceful and smiley. Then I realised that I was dreaming of meeting my internet friends and boyfriend 😂💙
Ugh I like this boy who I hate myself for liking. I've liked him for years and we've been together before but I miss him so much omg 😫😩
Flynnko234 Flynnko234 Feb 17
Doesn't matter! I mean when you are not  meant to be together, you gotta let go, love or just crush. One sided never works, people!
Shipper_Mia Shipper_Mia Feb 04
I don't have a crush... I used to... Till I've found out my family runs through anxiety attacks so I start to panic instantly....
ChemaysitMocorro ChemaysitMocorro Oct 17, 2016
I wish I could ask him of what he think of me even all issue he heard..