Only You - (Tachibana Makoto x Reader)

Only You - (Tachibana Makoto x Reader)

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Waking up early had never been your strong point. Nevertheless, it was hard to refuse an invitation from a new friend.

About a few weeks had passed since the first day of school at Iwatobi High. The move had been hard on you because it was all so new and different. Plus, you were separated from the little people you knew and loved. But it had to be done, for the sake of the family.

Once you and your family had arrived, the first thing on your list was to make friends. Yeah, easier said than done. You had never been a popular girl, nor did you possess the looks of a goddess, so making friends was an issue. Especially if you were shy. So thank God for Matsuoka Gou, the girl who befriended you the very first day of school. Though a bit bossy, she was a nice girl who deeply cared for her loved ones (not to mention, that she had a huge obsession with muscles).

Yesterday, you received a call from her inviting you to the beach. Hence, here you were; 10:35 a.m.; sitting on a couch with your...

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This is like when people say, "What could go wrong?"
                              Something always goes wrong😰
This sounds like me when my friend tries to get me to wear a bikini...not gonna happen😂
Being around people in general is bad for my heart...major introvert right here😰😂
ManageMe_ImAMess ManageMe_ImAMess May 07, 2016
No one can win from any Matsuoka. Except if you are called Nanase Haruka
ShizukeStar ShizukeStar Apr 06, 2016
Ay yo homeboy looks like sharkweek, I ain't messin' with that
ManageMe_ImAMess ManageMe_ImAMess May 07, 2016
Somehow that line made me think of Armin and how he wants to go to the ocean..