Avengers x Mutant!Reader |The Great Escapee

Avengers x Mutant!Reader |The Great Escapee

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Shenanigans4321 By Shenanigans4321 Updated Oct 05

Reader-chan is in some trouble! Who will save her?
As a young child your parents hid you from danger, what happens now is up to you.

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Disclaimer: I do not own the Avengers, Marvel does. I only own the story itself and my OC Nadia (Pyre). All rights to their respective owners.


Ive done this to a police officer. He nearly band cuffed me.
Madlin-Chan Madlin-Chan Aug 11
He the first one that I'm going to hit with a frying pan once I am free
Let me go! Let me go! You can't hold this girl back anymore!
Diana . blue eyes hawkguy to be dad throwing arrows. And Diana can. Shifet to a wolf with white fur with sea blue eyes. Love with captain America
Nick: We're interested in your abilities.
                              Me: Ha, that's exactly what THEY said.
Call me that again...💢 and I will make u wish u were never born~