Avengers x Mutant!Reader |The Great Escapee

Avengers x Mutant!Reader |The Great Escapee

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Shenanigans4321 By Shenanigans4321 Updated Oct 05, 2016

Reader-chan is in some trouble! Who will save her?
As a young child your parents hid you from danger, what happens now is up to you.

This is my story from DeviantArt, check it out sometime!

Disclaimer: I do not own the Avengers, Marvel does. I only own the story itself and my OC Nadia (Pyre). All rights to their respective owners.


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filipinapearl- filipinapearl- Apr 18, 2017
Wow... You actually guessed my fave power.... Super speed and blue fire
BuckyDaSpringSoldier BuckyDaSpringSoldier Apr 05, 2017
Noooooooo! Don't take innocent cinnamon roll! She needs hugs and blankets not bloody Vietnam flashbacks and no parents like batman!!!
HalfMoonProductions HalfMoonProductions Jan 09, 2017
For a moment I thought: "Instruments? Is he going to play the violin or something?" Then I realized: "Oh wait. Surgery tools. Oh."
jinx-d jinx-d Dec 25, 2016
Let me dissemble your arms from their sockets and slap you with them!!!
jinx-d jinx-d Dec 25, 2016
Bro...put your lips down no one wants to see your yellow ass teeth ._.
DianaMartinez435 DianaMartinez435 Nov 23, 2016
Diana . blue eyes hawkguy to be dad throwing arrows. And Diana can. Shifet to a wolf with white fur with sea blue eyes. Love with captain America