the Good girls not so Good shes just in disguise

the Good girls not so Good shes just in disguise

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Laura vargas By music_addict99 Updated Mar 25, 2016

Allison: the definition of bad ass ,drugs, alcohol, fighting, street racing  you name it she does it. shes even covered in tattoos, she lived in new York with her rich parents until she pulled what they call 'the last straw' they were done dealing with her and now she's being sent to california. the only problem she has with this is that she's being forced to act as a nerd fake glasses and all but that wont stop her from goingout at night without her disguise.

Asher Quinn: schools bad boy and gang leader and no not a huge gang. Hes a play boy and a heart breaker. who loves to party hard and  fight.

but what will happen when these two collide when asher catches her without her disguise at a fight. will he see through her disguise and if he does will he keep it a secret  who knows what will happen through drunk nights and unwanted romantic occasions 

sorry in advance for any bad grammar and for the bad description read the story and i promise it will be better then this

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MaBe511 MaBe511 Jan 10
Oh my gooodd!!! YEESSS!!! Stephen James is literaly the definition of sexyyy😍😍
lollypop6733 lollypop6733 Aug 12, 2017
Am i the only one that thought the cover of the book looked like the smoke was a squirrel hanging by one hand on her nose shoving a nut in her mouth?!?! 😂😂
lyssajulia lyssajulia Jun 09, 2016
Damn spoiled much? But if only my life was this easy I would be beating up people that i hate more often and drinking and smoking for once and get away with it
iiLuvStoriezzTold iiLuvStoriezzTold Apr 07, 2016
Is it bad that I was dirty minded so instead of "cleaning off all the 'scum' from the previous day," I thought it said "cleaning off all the 'cum' from the previous day" 😂😂😂I'm sorry for my dirty ass mind
PaintTheWhiteRoses PaintTheWhiteRoses Feb 15, 2017
they're, their is for if you are talking about someone owning something like it was their dog or if it wasnt for their parents they would be broke
bookaholic1840 bookaholic1840 Mar 08, 2016
I dont know if she is being arrogant or trying to be baddass???