The Blind Alpha (Book One of the Senses Series)*PUBLISHED!*

The Blind Alpha (Book One of the Senses Series)*PUBLISHED!*

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After a fighting accident, Landon Matthews loses his sight. At the age of sixteen, with his father murdered, he has to take up the position of Alpha of the Shadow Pack. Not being able to see proves to be difficult for someone with such authority. Landon grows cold and angry, frustrated with his disability. Because how can you find your mate when you can't even look into her eyes?

Lana Pierce, on the run from her abusive Alpha and corrupted home, stumbles onto the Shadow Pack's territory. She had heard of the gruesome stories of the disabled Alpha. She knew he was cruel and ruthless. She knew she was going to die for stepping foot on their land. What she didn't know was how completely wrong she was. How hard can it be to tell someone you're their mate, when they can't see for themselves? 

Very hard.

At least she's not 'The ultimate White wolf that is secretly a princess and goes to wars a shît' Im fed up with white wolfs
IAmSoBaesic IAmSoBaesic Jul 02
That is unfair for men. What if she would have been an abused boy? #equality #stop feminism
TheaMayy TheaMayy May 29
I feel so sorry for him and the pack :( his father acted like an idiot
When I discovered the Percy Jackson book series and found my love for Greek Mythology. ❤️❤️
                              18:00 United Kingdom 🇬🇧 
                              Reading this because I'm visually impaired with the risk of losing the rest of my vision and am thirsty for representation lol. 
                              Also - he looks like a nice bloke! Tbh, I find it hard to find people attractive on-screen, but I can see the attraction.
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