The Silver Dragon • An Attack on Titan Fanfiction (Under editing)

The Silver Dragon • An Attack on Titan Fanfiction (Under editing)

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♔Abi♔ By Crabysnail Updated Apr 17, 2016

*Currently under heavy editing*

"The past is sooner than you think."
  Everyone has secrets; Isari Solaris just has more than you'd expect. 
  No one knows who the Silver Dragon - the regions most renowned titan slayer- is, before the fateful night they're rendered helpless at the Survey Corps feet. 
  A young woman who doesn't even know the truth behind her namesake was the figure behind the disguise; when a blonde haired Commander offers her a place in the survey corps, it's only the beginning of discovering the power Isari never new resided in her own blood. 
  Together with her band of misfits (some of which who aren't even human)- and the added blossom of love- will Isari fall into the trap her shadowy watcher has left for her, or will she uncover the truth which her dead parents laid out for her before she was even born? 
  Isari Solaris; bound by duty, divided by blood. 
  • Levi x OC • 
  (C) Isari Solaris, Vivek and any other OCs
  *I do not own Attack on Titan or it's characters*

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