Augustine ›› The Vampire Diaries {1} *On Hold*

Augustine ›› The Vampire Diaries {1} *On Hold*

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Amily 🐒 By -VxidStydia Updated Jul 19, 2015

"I love you!" Mia shouts at his retreating figure. He stops walking and stands there frozen. "I love you, a lot. I don't want to but I do. I love you so much it hurts and I understand if you don't love me back but I thought you should know." 

He turns around to face her and whispers, "Why?"

For years Mia Salvatore has been tortured and tested on by the people of Augustine, an organization designed to observe and find out everything they can about vampires. That is until Mia manages to escape them along with her long time friend, Lorenzo, but when she comes face to face with both of her brothers, especially Damon who had left her die, things change not only for her but everyone around her. 

{Season 5}

*Disclaimer: I don't own anything from The Vampire Diaries so all rights go to the people who do. I only own Mia and any of my own scenes.*

I'm so confused on the time period and was she there first or was Damon?
ArlaStilinski ArlaStilinski Jul 13, 2016
So your telling me that If today is 13/7/2016 after a year it'll be 13/7/2017
confused_Tristen confused_Tristen Jul 12, 2016
All relationships are, but what is love with out a few hardships and struggles, what is life with out that?
breezerstyles breezerstyles Jan 21, 2016
if mia is played by adelaide, who's the girl in the cover? and what about crystal reed who is listed as mia in the cast
katarinagonzalez7 katarinagonzalez7 Dec 06, 2015
Should've changed the story but I love how u express it and I can almost picture it's happening in front of me