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Mated to a Weredragon?! (boyxboy)

Mated to a Weredragon?! (boyxboy)

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Dimitri By 4evrGay Completed

Baily, a rouge werewolf looking for some purpose to settle down and get his own small patch of territory. He is 21 and has been a rouge most of his life, his reason for running from his old pack? Boredom. He has come across many, many other weres in his travels and he over hears someone talking about Weredragons, no one really knows if they exist or not. So he makes a decision, to go and see if they are real. Just because he feels like it, ya know?

OML I LOVE U ALREADY! XDDDD CANT. . STOP. . LAUGHING! & the reason why is bc ur #relatable to me everyday. . @ school. . . when ppl look @ me & meh friends all weird bc we r weird :3
Kitty91803 Kitty91803 May 28
Dogs don't have the enzymes to digest milk when they mature. They only have the enzymes when they are puppies...I'm not sure but I think having a lot can kill them...
gosh do you really think that dogs have this kinda conversations
Hey has anyone realized that he is a wolf. Why are people treating him like he is some stray pup. he can kill them. Gosh they way people treat animals now.
                               I wonder why they didn't treat black people like that when they thought of them as animals.
Oktapops Oktapops Oct 12, 2016
Lol, I seriously thought uni-Oh was one world until I re-read it...
ChismAmaiSatou ChismAmaiSatou Jun 02, 2016
I just realized I read this already! But its so hard to find unique stories like this T^T. Must read mooore!