The Grey Experience.

The Grey Experience.

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Misty By Misty_27 Updated Jan 28, 2015

The Grey Experience.

Glasses clinked, and heels tapped on the floor, a buzz of voices filling my ears. I looked at the scene in front of me. The high society. Even though I belonged there, I felt oddly out of place. Tugging at my demure blue dress, I walked in, head held high, like it didn't bother me.

As I reached for a flute, it really didn't bother anymore. My eyes met his steely grey ones as he made his way across the room. There might have been a smirk on his face, but I could be wrong. His beauty, his magnificence caught me off-guard.

I knew he was going to pass by me, and I looked away. Sudden proximity surprised me, making me look forward. He stood right in front of me, a glass of wine in his hand, a gorgeous smile on his face.

"I'm Christian," he murmured softly, almost seductively.

"Haley," I whispered, my voice suddenly going to Antarctica.

"You look gorgeous."

I wanted to roll my eyes. But only a slight blush made way on my face as I didn't reply to his comment. He ...