One Way Or Another

One Way Or Another

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MGabi48 By MGabi48 Updated Jan 28, 2015

My name is Anastasia Rose Grey. I was born Anastasia Rose Steele.
And that's the name I'll want to have on my gravestone.

I'm not good at this legal thing - I was mostly kept away from it. I will ask help to revise it. Do I even have to have it signed by two witnesses? Is it just a movie thing? I don't know.

Nevertheless, this is my Last Will And Testament, if something will go wrong.

Tomorrow will be the fifth of May, 2015. And I will try to leave my husband, along with my children. If something goes wrong, I'm afraid he might hurt me. He may not hurt my children, but God knows, he has no problems with hurting me.

If I die tomorrow, I don't want Christian Grey to have custody over my children. I want Elliot Grey, and Katherine Agnes Kavanagh to take custody over my children, Theodore Grey and Phoebe Grey.

I don't care about the rest of my belongings. Most of them are from my husband either way.

I want the police to know, that Christian Gray had been emotionally, physically, and sexually abusive to me ever since we met, and during our whole marriage. I want the police to know that he had tracked me through my electric devices, bought the places I worked at, and then forbid me from working to keep me financially dependant. He manipulated my insecurities to keep me believe that no one else will ever love me. He used the fact that I knew nothing of BDSM, and used that as a tool to abuse me.
It was only the concern of my best friend that I finally realized this.

Because of his previous behaviour, I am concerned I will not survive if he catches me while I'm trying to escape our home. This is why I'm writing it. Now I'm taking it to a lawyer who will review this.

I am Anastasia Rose Steele. Tomorrow I will be free. One way or another.

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