Alpha's Babies

Alpha's Babies

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cataquiroz214 By cataquiroz214 Updated Jul 30

What happens when the person you are destined to be with, rejects you after meeting for the first time and having a wonderful night together?

Meet Catherine Knight, she's not your typical High School girl. While other girls are worried about their looks, Cat is more worried about her studies, that makes her your typical nerd, wears jeans and shirts with glasses. 

Meet Nathaniel King, your typical Jock, top school/man whore, that sleeps with any girl that's willing to  sleep with him. All he cares about is his popularity. He's not worried about his Mate, since he doesn't want to be tied down yet and change his player ways.

Follow them in a whirl wind of heart break, rejection, being a single mom, and having to raise your Mate's kids on your own.

Dont worry in my chapters afterwars they are going to be there too :)
Surprise surprise....
                              I now have the need to punch him.  
                              ┏┫`⌒´┣━━━━●*Punch* (✖﹏✖)
                              ✌( ̄︶ ̄)> I'm good now..
Its a class that trains u if u want to be in the army look up on the internet
I thought she wasn't a typical girl...that she was a Tom boy...not many wear makeup lol
yeah it might be wise to say what Rotc stands for, I know and you know what it is but not everyone does
Maybe you should stop writing in bold the dialogues ? It's unnecessary and tiring:/ great storyline though!