Sleepy Neji! x shy reader! [AU]

Sleepy Neji! x shy reader! [AU]

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You were sitting in biology class worried and embarrassed at the same time. You looked at your shoulder and at your crush Neji hyuga who was sleeping while leaning on you his head resting on your shoulder. Thank goodness the teacher still hasn't noticed Neji. 

He has a high reputation in school. He is the topper since he joined even sasuke can't beat him. You wondered why was he sleepy. He isn't usually like that.

"Nej-neji!" You tried to wake him up. He stirred in his sleep but didn't wake up. "N-neji! Wa-wake up!" He opened his eyes. When he saw that he was actually in class and was sleeping and on top of that leaning on your shoulder his eyes shot open and he sat straight. 

"I am sorry" he told you.

You nodded your head and said. "It's alright" 

You started paying attention to the  class.

You looked Neji after a while. He looked sleepy and his pale beautiful skin was paler than usual like he hasn't slept from many days. You were worried now. 

The break bell rang and everyone ...

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Angelheart91502 Angelheart91502 Dec 24, 2017
I guess only Hinata can understand the language of stutters...
If Hinata stuttered the entire "cry" in crying and had the nerve to say it again I'd probably fight her
AnimeQing AnimeQing Aug 19, 2017
Sup destiny-freak...I feel so mean when I say your's like I'm insulting myself. no offence!!
Luna_Pastel Luna_Pastel Oct 21, 2017
I don't mean to ruin the moment but that's technically rape or sexual harassment
Its pretty funny since we keep stuttering even when I was crying while she was cursing..
sad_sush sad_sush Mar 05
Plot twist: Hinata and Reader-Chan got married while Naruto and Neji sulked in the emo corner