Innocent (Urban) (Editing)

Innocent (Urban) (Editing)

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Introvert ✨ By justcallmesavage Completed

"The sad thing about betrayal, is that it never comes from your enemies." 

When it comes down to money, what would you really do to get it? Three brothers with an unbreakable bond residing in Miami, with a similar mind set all want one thing. Success. 

But when love, lust, greed, and lies enter their world they find themselves racing against time, and lost in a whirlwind of deceit. Will they remain loyal to each other, or will they have to prove their innocence?

jasminemarchelle jasminemarchelle 14 hours ago
Man my mom anemic and shitt she always cold when it be hotter than a bitchh in the house
lifepeace_ lifepeace_ 7 days ago
Oh heyy, just here reading this book over again . I love it so much 😩
Define joking about stds? What if one guy gets chylmedia (Ik I didn't spell it right) can I be like  🎶fiirreeee
BadGalKasey BadGalKasey Jun 12, 2016
You just confused me lol i got the last independent clause 😂😂 explain
ShawD_Pen ShawD_Pen Jul 15, 2016
Savage, I'm thinking you should have a reality show because I swear you have me rolling!  Raw. Just straight raw!