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ᴴᴼᴸᴸᴱᴴ By Hollaugh Completed

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~"You may try to run away from your problems, but in the end; You become tired of running and find yourself hiding."

People claim it gets easier as time passes.

Well they are wrong.

Nothing gets easier, everything just gets harder. I lost everything in a matter of seconds by an alien warfare, that no one could of saw coming. I found myself becoming a victim of the Alien warfare, by the Mission City attack that was wrongly labelled.

Now, 2 years into the future; I find myself in a run down Adoption Center. Alone and lost, unknown and broken. Soon to be adopted by a family that somehow drags me back into the warfare of the Cybertronian Alien Species known to be The Autobots and The Decepticons.

Although I find WHERE I am, and WHAT I am, I can't seem to find WHO I am and WHY I am here. 

☆~Problems can not be fixed, when you finally start to realise the problem is YOU.~☆

Wolf34howler Wolf34howler Nov 25, 2016
No he is so dead!! PINK IS A REVOLTING COLOR, no offense arcee.
EverlastPrime EverlastPrime Jul 13, 2015
Yup, I sensed a little bit of Ironhide in her. So fragging hilarious!
bookworm91259 bookworm91259 Jul 11, 2015
Ladies and gentleman the great Ironhide speaks!!! Note the sarcasm
Candygirl3473 Candygirl3473 Feb 04, 2015
Tyler is perfect for Ironhide's Holoform, know why? Tyler played a werewolf Derek Hale and he was grumpy like Ironhide.
Candygirl3473 Candygirl3473 Feb 01, 2015
Did you update chapter 3? It says you did but I can't find it.