The Rules of Death

The Rules of Death

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Nothing made sense for Elizabeth Black, Elsa, after she found out she wasn't who she thought she was. Elsa gets visits from Death, a talking cat, and a red eyed demon while trying to survive her old and new friends and newly found love interest. What will become of Elsa as everything starts to spin out of control and she starts to loose her mind?

I instantly knew who he was, the long black cloak and scythe gave his identity away. Even though his face was covered I could feel his eyes baring into me, his posture showed he was proud and powerful... But why was he in my dream. 
My body froze in shock when i heard his cold, harsh voice. 
'I'm coming for you Elsa.'

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maissak123 maissak123 Mar 22, 2018
You don't say she just took a picture and you magically have a bloody nose 🙄
meadre711__ meadre711__ May 27, 2017
                              GREAT MINDS THINK ALIKEE
The_Derp_Knight The_Derp_Knight Mar 28, 2017
Bruh my mom would've beat my ass. Adopted or not, she raised me, loved me, and did the most. Blood or not, I'm her baby
callme_addy callme_addy Feb 04, 2017
Red hair black eyes....welcome on the earth you pretty LUCIFER'S CHILD
SurvivalOfTheNerd4M SurvivalOfTheNerd4M Apr 27, 2015
i get it. it symbolizes that she has grown from a young girl to a woman