Unspoken Love | Niall Horan AU | √

Unspoken Love | Niall Horan AU | √

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She is shy, he is a charmer. She is silent, he is loud. She keeps to herself and he would never do that. Her nose is always in books, which he hates to see. She is Alana Greyson and he is Niall Horan.

Alana, a girl who would always keep her family and friends happy. She is that kind of a friend that every person wants and taken granted for. She being the only child is pampered a lot by her parents. One thing she finds difficult is to express her emotions. And when it comes to a certain someone, she can never find the guts to open her mouth and tell him. Niall, the complete opposite of Alana. He is a bold and loud guy. Always smiling and teasing people, not extremely though. Girls are always falling for him but he is still waiting for 'his girl' to come up in sight.

Alana and Niall are best friends. Alana has feelings for Niall which he doesn't know because according to Alana he would never feel the same.

Does he really not feel the same?

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I find this so hot and cute at the same time, Niall James Horan, what hve you done to me!?
- - Jul 15
I hate falling in love with bestfriends. Especially when he finds out and then acts like a jerk to you the rest of ur life.
njh_is_lyf njh_is_lyf Apr 12
Great, you acknowledged them. Zeus would throw his bolt at you if you didn't
lol I met Bobby in tesco during the summer........ he gave me chicken wings