Alpha Rylan ✔️ (Publishing)

Alpha Rylan ✔️ (Publishing)

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Evoke; By Midika Updated Aug 11

(Publish release date: 13th September 

For a year now, Dawn has been running from her mate. Alpha Rylan.

He may run a Pack of Purity, but he chose to be cruel. Merciless.

The execution of many. The threats. The endless, unrelenting chase after Dawn.

Using simple tricks, he lures his mate closer, until her criminal past attracts an Alpha who wants her dead...

Can Rylan protect his mate from vengeance, while at the same time keeping his unruly mate under his control?

And can Dawn keep her morals, to be Rylan's personal fugitive forever?

*Sixth instalment of the Alpha Series. Can be read as standalone* 

(I am a part of Wattpad Futures, so there will be ads)

Also available on Radish early access.

crazyxaliah crazyxaliah a day ago
Rereading actually, ive already read all of your books except for the coming soon once
siya1231233 siya1231233 5 days ago
Your thinking of how much you want to f......
                              Too much??
                              Yeh too much, never mind.
MysticWoter MysticWoter 4 days ago
Welp I haven't read the stories for so long 😅 someone plz help me by giving a recap
adores_reading adores_reading 5 days ago
That moment when you want to cry(you know just let a few tears past )but can't
siya1231233 siya1231233 6 days ago
One last time... he needs to be the one who takes you home😏💩
siya1231233 siya1231233 6 days ago
She reminds me a bit of me....
                              Except if I throw forward it'd somehow end up behind me(?)