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Goddess Of Ice (AoT/SnK x Goddess!Reader)

Goddess Of Ice (AoT/SnK x Goddess!Reader)

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I Don't Even By ImDrowningInMyTears Updated May 14, 2015

You: If you could say one last thing to me...what would you say?
Eren: We've known each other for forever...and your beauty was something out of a fairytail.
Armin: Beauty and were one of the few people who got me...and I love you for it.
Jean: You may have stuck up for Jäeger...but doesn't mean I love you any less.
Marco: If I had only been more careful...we would still be together...just know I watch over you.
Reiner: Your hair...your eyes...your are just too perfect.
Bertlodlt: I tower over you...and yet you don't call me a "Giant Freak" like everybody else.
Levi:'re lucky you're cute...otherwise, I would hate that you're one inch taller than me.
Erwin: Remember how you said that even though I'm 5 years older than you, but I'm still cute? I never forgot that.
All: Pease...why did you have to go...?

Well I died. 
                              *Closes Laptop*
                              *Opens Door*
                              *Exits Room*
                              *Closes Door*
                              *Kicks Door Off Hinges*
                              NOPE BITCHES I'M READING THIS
jennylovesanime jennylovesanime 3 days ago
What no I don't wanna do that 
                              I want Levi to love me but wait
                              Then that means I can-
To a magical world full of unicorns, rainbow, cats, fashion, and magic!!!!!
I'm a girl version of jack frost.................................😊😊😊
Omg yes just "WHEN WILL MY DAUGHTER WAKE UP" "Lmao b*tch idk bye"