The Assassin Hybrid

The Assassin Hybrid

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Thanatos Mortem By Charity_Nicole2000 Completed

Evelyn was a young girl when her pack was killed. She was found and taken in by hunters that don't know her secret. She is vampire, angel, and wolf hybrid. She hunts down the rouge vampires and werewolves. Every day is another day closer to finding her mate and she's not going to accept him until she gets revenge. What will she do when she meets her mate on a mission? Will she reject him and continue her mission or will she accept him and put him in danger? What will happen when he discovers what she is?

Started January 14, 2014
Finished September 23, 2015

Entered into 2017 Wattys!!

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Charity_Nicole2000 Charity_Nicole2000 May 22, 2017
@Grimmreaper1872 I told you I had to work out some kinks man!!!
BlueMaidenTheMuse BlueMaidenTheMuse Dec 31, 2016
When your name is Evelyn and you have black hair to 😶🙈🙉🙊
rmihks03 rmihks03 Jul 02, 2016
You said form instead of from, just incase you edit the book. I'm not hating, just helping! 🖖🏼I come in peace
laugher7 laugher7 Jun 30, 2016
Everyone says to the right but I on my iPad and it's always on the top I think that's really cool
Charity_Nicole2000 Charity_Nicole2000 Mar 03, 2015
Yea it's Legend I confused myself I will fix that sorry bout the confusion
valcury valcury Mar 03, 2015
wasn't her wolfs name legend I'm so confused but your doing great