The Swan Twins

The Swan Twins

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After realizing I was staring like some kind of stalker chick I quickly said, "Well, you can talk to me anytime, if you like?"

"I might just have to take you up on that offer sometime," Jasper says while looking into my eyes and it seems like neither one of us wanted to look away. 

(I do not own any of the Twilight characters. I only own Lily and whoever else I may add!! All characters are owned by Stephenie Meyer) (I hope that's how to spell her name!!)

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JustAnotherNoone23 JustAnotherNoone23 Apr 19, 2017
I was wondering, ever since I read the book, if there is a sister town named spoons
Deal with it people its corny but I really wanted to make that joke
mygentallullaby mygentallullaby Jul 29, 2017
Honestly I'm so slow how come now just now even the I watched the first movie the day it came out did I just realized forks is like spoons knifes and forks why only now.... -_-'''
TeenWolfBaby2015 TeenWolfBaby2015 Apr 14, 2016
Oh my gosh!! My name is Lillian but I prefer to be called Lillie too!!! Twinsies
allybear416 allybear416 Jul 22, 2016
Everyone that I've met with my name turn out to be butt head whores
AyreaunaBarre AyreaunaBarre Jul 18, 2015
this is my fifteenth time reading this and I just realized how my I have in common with Lilly