This is why They Hate Me ➸ Vikkstar123

This is why They Hate Me ➸ Vikkstar123

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Allie By AllieAgainstHumanity Completed

[do not base my writing skill off of this book - it's been three years and I have improved I promise]

Cringe Warning: Two years later I'm still apologizing for anything that happens in this book that is cringeworthy 

Living in a house full of boys can be extremely difficult" Allie's mother had said. Allie had ignored it though, she knew that living with these people would be great. She was right. She was in a house full of people who understand her. Her life was perfect. No one would judge her, they were basically a big happy family.
But there's a twist.
She was living with a famous group called the sidemen. Many fans hate her, or should we call them fanGIRLS. She was hated on all the time. She ignored it though. Who cares about it! It never got to her.

But that was before.

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6BandTrash9 6BandTrash9 Nov 06, 2016
Vikk: *GETS FRIEND ZONED* *doesn't even know that he just got friend zoned* *plays Minecraft*
Therealdorkqueen Therealdorkqueen Jun 22, 2016
Mine is miss Jackson but I will make sure everyone remembers me for centuries (fall out boy reference)
xixKenzxix xixKenzxix Feb 05, 2016
Not a lot of people realize how much stress Bikk has inside. He has to work his butt off to post on 3 different channels and he probably doesn't get any sleep either. He does a lot for us
_MiraLynn_ _MiraLynn_ Aug 23, 2016
I personally like being called a demon. It means people are scared of me 😈
trixie_berberabe trixie_berberabe Jun 24, 2016
As of right now, send my love by adele, pity party by melanie martinez or life of the party by shawn mendes
foreverdince72 foreverdince72 Feb 08, 2017
Just as i was reading this sentence that song came on... spokay