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Flor Selena Caceres By florselena Updated Aug 31, 2017

"Conceited, Egotistical, and Oppressive jerk! Does he not have any man-" but I stop when I hear HIS voice behind me. Wait, what is he doing here?
"Yes, Ms. Roberts? Please, continue. Don't mind me. I'm just a CEO"
"CEO?" I ask, while my eyes were probably popping out of my eye sockets. 
"Your boss. Or should I say - the Conceited, Egotistical, and Oppressive jerk you were just talking about?"
"N-no! Pfft! Did I say that? Nooo! What? You probably heard wrong," I assure him while stuttering. 
"Oh really? Then, enlighten me. What exactly was I meant to be hearing?"
"Uh, well, uh...."
"I'm waiting, Ms. Roberts."
"Um, I was saying that you are...that you are...a excellent organizer! Yup! That's what I said! Ha, ha. A CEO! Otherwise known as my boss!" I respond with nervousness.
"Organizer?" He looks at me as if I grew two heads.
He studies me intently before speaking up, "Well, since I am such a courageous and excellent organizer, you wouldn't mind organizing my papers and reports for me this time right? After all, I am your CEO and you would do anything to PLEASE me. Right, Ms. Roberts?"
"Good. Now, get working on it," he replied with a scowl.
"Ri-right away sir."
"Oh, and Ms. Roberts?" I turn around, "Never, and I mean never, talk behind my back again. Got it?"
"Y-yes, sir"
"Good." With that, he turns and leaves.

Amy Alexandra Roberts, 22 and fresh out of college with a degree in Administration. One day, she gets employed into Darrens Inc. Finally, after having to live in her sister's house she had the chance to start paying for her own apartment by her own. 

Alex Maximilian Darrens, one of the youngest bachelor to ever be a billionaire at the age of 22. Now, 26, still is taking girls' innocence and leaving them behind. That is, until he sees HER , the only one to ever test and push his buttons, Amy Roberts.

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Ncreator Ncreator Jun 15, 2016
Imma just pretend she said 5'4 because 4'10 is like WAY too short
annie1761998 annie1761998 May 24, 2016
4'10? Really?  I think this author is trying really hard to get that short girl tall guy thing going. I'm 5'3 and I'm hella short compared to a friend who's 6. 4'10 is a midget.
Lori_V Lori_V Mar 25, 2016
@florselena my older sister always says I'm funsized not short
codeinecurls codeinecurls May 16, 2016
Looks like this is a relationship between a elf and a tree 😑