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Shattered Illusions (The rewrite!!)

Shattered Illusions (The rewrite!!)

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Blood By CodeNameBLOOD Updated Oct 31, 2016

Karly was a big-time Transformers fan. Having used Transformers as a crutch to deal with the roughness of the world, Transformers has influenced her way of life.  Like many fans, she dreams of being sent to the world of Transformers, of course realistically she knows that's just not possible...Or is it? With a twist, Karly finds herself thrown into the world of Autbots and Decepticons, but is this twist something she can handle? Or will she crumble down and succumb to the world that holds more darkness than her original one

(Cover done by me)

skywolf2000 skywolf2000 Feb 02
Yes it would..... but so true this is my life almost everyday But o have an evil little dog sleeping next me and growls every secound but what eve
SideswipesBrother SideswipesBrother Oct 18, 2016
Omp, I do this samething with my stuff...I'm not crazy..I'm promise...
20smithg 20smithg Dec 16, 2016
I love this, you put it exactly where it should be, this world is a scary place an d yes, we DO need forgiveness and more faith in the lord and his father. Only then, will this world be as good as some people see it... : )
I agree!!! I have 2 different bumblebees, three different optimus primes, galvatron, strafe, rynox from beast wars and grimlock, hound.
Taming my rats nest is funn cause my hair knots easily yay! Note my sarcasm
I agree oh and Chad darling I give you a 2 second heart start sweetie before I rip your head off and shove it up your ass x smiles evilly x