Ghostly Encounters (EyelessJack x Reader)

Ghostly Encounters (EyelessJack x Reader)

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Insanity By SilverMints Updated Feb 14, 2015

You had died a long time ago. You were sure that if someone took the time to sift through the rubble of the old hospital you resided in, that they would find your bones. So when Jack came in and cleared out the place, you decided to hide. But what happens if he sneaks up on you one day?

Hey guys! I own nothing but the plot! I want your opinions on this! In it you, Reader-chan, are a ghost! And don't worry if you see another story exactly like this, I'm gonna be posting it to my Quotev account and on my second Deviantart account! Hope you enjoy~


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ShayleeHudson ShayleeHudson Sep 06, 2017
I agree with the movie shout out there! It was the most awesome yet scary movie ever!
Xx_GalaxyFox_xX Xx_GalaxyFox_xX Dec 29, 2016
Its at a few inches shorter than to my ankles and its already black
Yummbunn Yummbunn Jun 28, 2016
Yeah cuz in a still night there is wind that can close doors opening outwards. 
                              Yep cuz wind.
Cutiepenguins Cutiepenguins Jan 29, 2017
Actually… I look like the spirit in the cover…lol what a coincidence
_AHROR_Fiction _AHROR_Fiction Aug 06, 2016
"In fact, everything was a misty white. The only thing that had color were your eyes, which remained a bright (e/c)." Lol, my eyes are grey.
ChocoleteQueen ChocoleteQueen Jan 17, 2017
lol I'm reading this story in 2017. I FEEL LIKE A TIME TRAVELER