Claustrophobia - Blue Exorcist

Claustrophobia - Blue Exorcist

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Trapped. That's all Rin felt. No one other than Yukio knew about his claustrophobia. How will the Exwires react when they find out after a mission goes wrong? Will Yukio be able to help him?

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Well, I guess I'd sit in the corner and then flip the frick out, because that's what I do in small spaces and elevators.
AryzeGamez AryzeGamez Jul 06
I find it funny that this is the only anime I can remmeber the freaking names to.
Who thought about the song "I'm not here for your entertainment"!
Rin's reaction would be me if I got stuck in an elevator for a second time. The first time was enough to make me claustrophobic.
AlkalineArsenic33 AlkalineArsenic33 Jul 21, 2016
It's not that easy. As someone who is claustrophobic, especially with being tied up, your brain no longer listens to reason
Kittyz4Dayz Kittyz4Dayz Jan 14
I feel the same i have a VERY dirty mind i challenge you to a smut battle hehe