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Give Me Love > Teen Wolf

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Brooke By JustMe52 Completed

(Third book in the Give Me series)

With the constant reminder of killing an innocent, Chloe Lahey is wanting to get back to school and, hopefully, live a somewhat normal life again. However, living in Beacon Hills makes that simple request nearly impossible, thanks to the town literally becoming a beacon for the supernatural. 

Scott is the number one thing that keeps Chloe sane, especially since Isaac is sneaking around with Allison quite often. The two of them keep each other balanced out. They'll need each other the most when a new shapeshifter finds it's way right in the middle of their lives.

cover by: @sighstiles

1800-Alec-Lightwood 1800-Alec-Lightwood May 29, 2017
Mama McCall doesn't want to end up in one of those tv show with a pregnant sixteen year old 😂
Alicia_Land Alicia_Land Mar 30
I swear if Kira messes up Scott and Chloe’s relationship then I’m going to throw my phone and never read this again lol 😂
ohokohokoh ohokohokoh Nov 16, 2017
Oh no is this the season!? The season that ends badly for my little child/baby Allison????
PreciousMadness PreciousMadness Oct 02, 2016
This is a lot late but... Are you going to write a book about this Eleanor Tate person?
rouge_winchesters rouge_winchesters Sep 07, 2016
Literally they can glow their eyes whenever they want to. Who tf would believe someone if they claimed to have seen you glow your eyes red. Except maybe a hunter but still. Chances are very low. SO GO AHEAD SCOTT GLOW DEM EYE BALLS
102dean20 102dean20 Feb 07, 2016
Hey I think they just sold out of mcalls at Walmart but there's plenty of hales to go around......too soon?