Blue Eyed Monsters [Nash and Hayes Sex Slave Fan-Fic]

Blue Eyed Monsters [Nash and Hayes Sex Slave Fan-Fic]

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Diana By love_magcon_nash Updated Sep 14, 2015

Hi Im Lexi R Sanders

Im(previously)21 years old.(a/n in the story shes 14 but she is previously 21)

I have long brown hair,

Brown eyes,and glasses.

Im 5'9 I used to play basketball, volleyball, soccer.

Im from California.

I used to live with my mom,dad,sister,brother but that was before I got marriend to my 

'master' Hayes Grier. Him and hia older brother(Nash Grier) kiddnaped me and made me their sex slave.

So heres my story...........

    Flash back 7 years earlier

Lexi    p.o.v

I was at a party with my best friend Katie W Sands. 

I was wearing a silver sparkily dress with black 2 inch heals and i had my hair straightened out and thats about it well of course I was wearing under garments.(underwear)

"Katie where are you!!!!" I screamed over the loud music. Great i lost Katie(note the sarcasm)

"Hey wanna dance??" A voice i have never heard said. I turned around to see a boy aeound my age with beautiful blue eyes,brown hair,and,a perfect smile.

"S-s-sure?" I said more li...

Cheybaxter Cheybaxter Mar 20, 2016
All the boys in my school when they see my hot face JK IM FUKING UGLY AS FUK GOOODDD DAMMMM I WISHHH
Inspiration1235 Inspiration1235 Feb 06, 2016
Wtf is a 14 year old wearing lace panties? Then he said he wants to get her drunk????... Aren't the 14 ?
I bent down to pick up something I dropped and gave the guy behind me one. True story
lolgirl7095 lolgirl7095 Nov 11, 2016
That would be my reaction at first but then I would be like really now in public. I am very disappointed Hayes
ExposingYou- ExposingYou- Apr 12, 2016
Basicallu she is telling the story whilst she is 21 but at the moment in the story the character (herself) is 14
ShawnsLifeLine ShawnsLifeLine Apr 01, 2016
And that's when you realize that A. You've been Kidnapped or B. You lost your virginity to Hayes Grier