Build A Life | Jack Johnson

Build A Life | Jack Johnson

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Ines By InesXIX Completed


Vanessa Marie Grier is the twin sister of Hamilton Nash Grier. What will happen when they move in together? Will she find love? Will she have a happy ever after? Or will it all come crashing down?
Continue reading to find out...


[Original name "Nash Grier's Twin Sister???"]

Ncolliton Ncolliton 2 days ago
Omg! Is your name Ines? Because thats my middle name and I love that name!😊
Her mom is so casual..... And the girl isn't even freaking out...... Like I would be freaking out.... And running around the house like a crazy person
NeraGrier NeraGrier May 09
"3. I don't know English that well so excuze my grammar."
                              Girl, life is too short to worry about grammar 😄😄😄
saulxnanni saulxnanni Apr 27
Oh wow , the sister has such an amazing, beautiful name! 😂💁🏼 aka my name
I swear every magcon fanfic I've read is written by thirteen year olds..... I'm not even kidding
MollyEaston MollyEaston Apr 20
Her mum is so casual! Like I would freak if my mum told me we were moving like that!!! And the fact she didn't tell me I had a twin brother 😂😂