Far Away

Far Away

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Tara By MercyRose Updated Oct 10, 2015

Rio Mendez has been gone for a while now.  Now that he was back, he was about to learn that I wasn't the same bratty little sister who used to tag along with her big brother, doing everything I could to make their lives miserable.  Something else he didn't know was just how skilled I'd become when it came to going after what I wanted.  And what I wanted more than anything right now was one sexy hunk of prime male, Rio Mendez.

Now that he's finally home from his last tour of duty I planned on going after my man. I was done being the shy eighteen year old girl that he'd regrettably kissed.  I was over being the little girl he'd taught so well with her first lesson in genuine heart break.

Starting today I'm officially a woman on a mission. A mission that I personally deemed as "Operation Attain Rio".

Failure was not an option.

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adsting01 adsting01 Jan 08, 2016
I love your book and I am so obsessed with it! Like I can't put my phone down😂
FHpoetess FHpoetess Nov 27, 2015
the age is really confusing. Shouldn't she be the shy girl he now regrettably kissed and then 4 years later she'll be back? or what? I'm lost. That's what i understood from the description.
kirstie1214 kirstie1214 Jul 13, 2015
I thought she said she was 22, and that's older than the legal age... Sooo how old is she?
Caribbean_Flow Caribbean_Flow Jun 18, 2015
im addicted already 
                              I enjoy ur writing it keeps me glued and its a very good story line
jadeca jadeca Mar 12, 2015
First paragraph -Great description. I used to live in The Florida Keys and we had that kind of heat. Already pulling me in with just how effortlessly your words seem to flow.
cheoncheonhi cheoncheonhi Feb 03, 2015
I think his so-called rejection is because she is his best-friend sister, not because he doesn't want her...