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Phoenix Sertori By GildedHeroine Updated Dec 22, 2017

Thea Knight. 
    Nobody knows her face.
    But they fear her name.

James Carson.
     Leader of Vice, the Knight's rival gang.

But just as Thea thinks she has left the rough gang life behind, James offers her a deal she can't refuse. Suddenly she's roped back into a life of violence and mutiny, only this time she's joined the enemy, turning on the only family she has. And Thea's brother is out for blood. Her blood.  


"You miss it don't you?"

Her eyes shot up to meet his. She shook her head.

He laughed humorlessly, "Oh don't even. We both know there's a rush that comes with the life style. The adrenaline of being shot at. I saw it in your eyes while we were running. As much as you try to deny it, you crave it."

***** Amazing cover by @MaddiBear120800 *****

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- - Jun 27, 2017
Maybe write in Thea's point of view. Not in third person. Amazing job though!
Jessica6254 Jessica6254 Jan 30
No she's the gang leaders sister and every one fears her and her big brother
Noooooo! It's 3rd person!!!!! Despite this abomination, I will still give this book a try. 😂😂😂
laswriting laswriting Jul 01, 2017
I mean as much as I love first person and such, it's a nice change
Na uh honey u turn back around u don’t mess with streets like that boo boo u gonna get yoself killed honey bam bam dead