stockholm syndrome | k.k.

stockholm syndrome | k.k.

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🌹🗡 By anchorednh Updated May 01, 2017

[YANDERE!] [Reader Insert]

He doesn't care. He wants you. 

WARNING! This product contains disturbing content such as: use of inappropriate and vulgar language, abuse, rape etc., READ AT YOUR OWN RISK.


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AnimePlebian AnimePlebian May 30, 2018
Kaneki: The names Kaneki, Kaneki Ken
                              Me:..... *in Saitama voice* Okay
- - Jun 14, 2016
Give me so much pleasure I won't be able to walk for the next three weeks
dictionaryartstyle dictionaryartstyle Apr 10, 2016
No need this completes my colection of fanfics of Ships and x readers thank you
sepoonyo sepoonyo Jun 19, 2016
Well someone was real thirsty.
                              Someone's also sexually frustrated I see.
SouledDream SouledDream Apr 16, 2016
Me: Of course not. 
                              Kaneki: *Gets of me* fine then good night *then walks out the door*
                              Me: Nooo come back! My body's ready!!
iHaveTooManyBaes iHaveTooManyBaes Aug 11, 2016
*passes box of tissues*
                              Don't worry, I have 666 6669 boxes left! And between fellow nosebleeders, it's only normal to own such an amount...( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)