This Terrible Feeling Called Love (Ayato x Reader)

This Terrible Feeling Called Love (Ayato x Reader)

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The sadness is what we feel after a breakup. 

Then it all tumbles down-stupid decisions, wrong doings, and for some, harsh realizations.

So in the end, we all blame this terrible feeling called love for that.


(AN: An AU Ayato x reader! This is a short fanfiction soooo, it's fictional If you complain about this not being realistic, take a trip to the non-fiction part of Wattpad. Maybe then you'll get satisfied :)

(One last thing, I advise you to listen to Amnesia by 5 Seconds Of Summer as you read. To be hit by the feels so hard, read the lines carefully in each chapter as you play ^-^)

*When you realize you are way to excited*
                              What's wrong with me 😶
Of course, of course. *Shoves the hundreds of (fictional) boyfriends in closet.*
TheWoman1o1 TheWoman1o1 May 27
Jeez ofc. I do miss you but i don't feel lonely because i has friends. Meet may Bae's Waffle-San, Candy-Chan, Refrigerator-Sama and Phone-Kun.
I would NEVER I repeat NEVER break up with Ayato if he was my boyfriend
I would date Sebby...
                              I would date Rin...
                              I would date Sasuke....
                              I would date Diedara...
                              I would date 707...
                              I would date Kaname...
                              Really Ayato the list is endless
ShadowKnightAmder ShadowKnightAmder Oct 26, 2016
I... I....I b-broke up with senpai................... WTF IS long wrong