The Name's Kim Min Jae

The Name's Kim Min Jae

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Meet Kim Min Jae. The heiress of SM Group who finally became a trainee of the company.  A badass & witty girl who will blow you away with her charms. The  girl who has a perfectly imperfect life to deal with. 

The question is: How much more messy could her life get when she would have to deal with being the new member of the oh-so-hawt boys of EXO?

Read her rollercoaster-ride-ish story and find out.


Published: 2|3|15
Completed: 6|23|16

                              AMBER IS MY BABY/Queen
                              And Sulli is my Adorable Cupcake
captaen captaen Oct 05
yall invited to me and Jimin's wedding at 13 October 2016 please come lmfao. If only that really happens
merla_45 merla_45 Aug 06
Why would you complain. I would have died from happiness and embarrassment, because I'm not talented.
miya_burrow miya_burrow Nov 03
I lost it when I saw Yehet airlines😂😂😂sehun be like👌🏻👌🏻
WTF! Exo has enough members. Go ahead and add a p*ssy! See what happens!
merla_45 merla_45 Aug 06
Any Jin stans here?? No? Okay. *continues to try eat like adorable bias, but fails at looking adorable instead looks more like a beat that hasn't eaten in months*