Flight of The Mockingjay (A Hunger games Fanfiction)

Flight of The Mockingjay (A Hunger games Fanfiction)

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Katniss Everdeen survived the The Hunger Games--a fight to the death broadcasted all over Panem that forces children to combat until one remains-- for the second time. Now, she finds herself in charge of a rebellion. 
The Capitol feels rage for her and wants her dead. And since all mysteries will be revealed before her, would she finally find herself leading the whole Nation against the Capitol? Or otherwise run away knowing the odds are all against her?

Hi! Since Mockingjay's not out yet, I decide to write this fanfiction to share what I am anticipating to(and want to) happen on the third book. Hope you like it! Enjoy!

Disclaimer: Nothing of the series of events under this fanfiction is associated with the real Mockingjay. Part 1 and Part 2 were made even before the actual book comes out. Oh, well, that's all the contents, I haven't added any Parts yet since I'm already done reading the real story. So what do you think? Should I add to it?

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LiarLiarLiar LiarLiarLiar May 22, 2011
I love this! SO AMAZING! I've just started a Hunger Games Fanfic, called To Kill a MockingJay. It's about what happens if Katniss had died during the first Hunger Games. I just wanted to share this with you because I thought you might want to read another fanfic! 
amandagrace amandagrace Nov 06, 2010
aww, you should finish it! make up an ending to mockingjay cause i know alot of people didn't like the ending of the actual book :)
Rebecca_k Rebecca_k Sep 01, 2010
@myMockingjay Oh ok...so why is it still in the watty awards??? no offence, but you are coming third, because all those people fb liked you. It's up to you though :)
myMockingjay myMockingjay Aug 31, 2010
@Rebecca_k nah.. i think I won't be continuing it... Mockingjay's already out, you know, I might just and up copying some of it... but hey, so far, none from the events I've include in my fanfic happened in the real book..lol
Rebecca_k Rebecca_k Aug 31, 2010
why havent yew uploaded anything?? i think its silly that this is so popular, yet hasnt been uploaded in ages!! c'mon!!