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Sorry if it's a little confusing :)

"YOU BITCH!" The words ring through my ears barely scraping my heart: when you're called by the same name so many times even it begins to lose its sting. 

I hug my knees to my chest rocking back and fourth, tomorrow I will be mated to our Alpha. I suppose it doesn't seem that bad, a young werewolf being handed the chance to be Luna, who hasn't had that dream? On your sixteenth birthday waking up only to be showered in gifts, walking into school greeting your best friend and making eye contact with your mate who also happens to be the future Alpha. 

Except the Alpha isn't my mate. My parents wouldn't buy me a dress let alone a birthday present. I don't have any friends and I'm a prisoner, in the kind of prison you are born into, the kind where there is no escape because the only people who would want to free you, are the ones holding you captive. 

My name is Isabelle.

Tomorrow is the day I break free.

cover by @x_crybaby_x

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