Jail Baby

Jail Baby

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Kadence Lee West was born and raised in jail. Like actual jail. Her parents met in jail, and had her in jail. Jail is her home, and she is perfectly fine being there. She loves it. 

Her family has a weird obsession with getting in trouble. They don't care about the consequences, they enjoy the consequences just as much. They find making trouble exhilarating, whether it's robbery, shooting people, vandalism, breaking and entering, even killing. You name it, they've done it. 

Most stories are about the good person. Not this one. Kadence was bad to the bone, and she loved it. 

When Kadence got set free, without her parents for the first time, she had learn how to handle the real world. She had to go to a real school for the first time. Nothing could prepare that school for Kadence West. 

This is their life in and out of jail. 

(Cover picture was made by DiamondRose24. Thank you!)

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Several completely unrealistic major parts so far, but gonna keep reading because the plot is interesting.
- - Apr 19, 2017
My second time reading this book, it is awesome! 😁🗡🔫🏹🔗☠
mk_reads mk_reads Nov 18, 2017
Yall hoes retarded if you want parents who congratulate you on murderb
i_lost_my_tampon i_lost_my_tampon Jul 31, 2017
Ok all good then, I was a little worried; toddlers dong really need to be murderers, but this toddler wasn't so it's a-okay
I_AM_food_bowdown I_AM_food_bowdown Nov 01, 2017
No I was born on the Eiffel Tower while my mom was having a date with my dad
RubySchnee RubySchnee Sep 23, 2017
:o broo, what the fudge, did he rape them, kidnapped them, abused them?