A Secret Malfoy|✔️  {#Wattys2017}

A Secret Malfoy|✔️ {#Wattys2017}

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" v a n i s h i n g   f r o m   a l l   e x i s t a n c e   f o r e v e r "

a.s.w.w - after second wizarding war

the evil has fallen. only for one of the greatest heroes going missing. nobody has seen her for 23 years. now as the search continues, she can't hide it anymore. secrets and lies come out. is the world still safe or has evil struck again in the lives of just a couple dozen very famous and important wizards.

the new generation of malfoys invited you to read this
go ahead
we'll try not to bite....


warning: book finished 2/1/16 but under MAJOR editing. you shall be warned:)

it might say all rights reserved, but only for the story plot and the extra characters. all other rights are reserved for the great queen j.k rowling.

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_FanaticOfFanfics_ _FanaticOfFanfics_ Mar 12, 2017
That moment where everyone is like Taylor swift and I'm like oh... I was thinking of Carrie Underwood before he cheats but ok..m
Stupid_Teenage_Girl Stupid_Teenage_Girl Jul 09, 2017
I feel like Jar of Hearts is our hint and we should all just prepare for the tears and heartbreak and whatever Hermione is about to walk in on.
SwooshnFlick2020 SwooshnFlick2020 Sep 20, 2017
This reminds me of both before he cheats by Carrie underwood and blank space by Taylor Swift...
crazy_fangirl0722 crazy_fangirl0722 Apr 30, 2017
Idk why but I'm thinking of Christina Grimmie....anyone?? #teamgrimmie 
                              No??? Only one??? Okay...
katiemay204 katiemay204 Mar 17, 2017
She just suspected that might happen so she kept a bay in her back pocket. Like you do.
fandomprefect fandomprefect Dec 19, 2016
hahaha Hermione is so me. Break my heart, I'll break your car