Moon, Bitten

Moon, Bitten

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Emmy Alexander By inkzerospace Completed

Ronan Morrissey is Alpha of his loup-garou pack and as Alpha the laws of Feral demand he take a mate, but a chance encounter with the beautiful and haunted Kate Channing has awakened in him a carnal hunger warranted forbidden, but he can think of nothing else than the lovely human that appealed to the beast within and his insatiable yearning to have her.

Kate Channing isn't looking for love in fact she's fleeing from it. With emotional and physical scars from a love gone terribly bad, she attempts to begin anew. After a near fatal brush with death, Kate finds herself unsuspectingly in the arms of a wickedly attractive stranger whose eyes burn with a feral hunger all there own. Ronan emits a danger that frightens Kate thoroughly to the core and having dealt with brawn to the likes of him before, flees at first chance.

Enthralled by the lovely Kate he's plucked from a jagged cliff, Ronan is incapable of ignoring the perils of chasing a human. His attraction for her borders feral and he intends to make her his mate, even if it means defying his pack to have her. But with a past that is relentless and a pack of loup-garou threatening to tear them apart, can their love thrive in the wake of havoc?

Cover done by Neeavila.

  • alpha
  • forbidden
  • love
  • wolves
Haha, is there a deference between swallowing desert sand vs. beach sand?
Wow. Beautiful writing. So many people don't know how to write and u r doing an amazing job. Wow. Finally someone who can write
soberpanda soberpanda Jul 26
North Carolina come on and raise up,take ya shirt off n twist it round ya head like a helicopter!!!!  - Petey Pablo... Lol had too...
- - Apr 08
I believe that this chapter is very well written. I also adore the dialect you utilize, it is quite magnificent and lovely to the eyes. Keep up the great work!
CjVisser CjVisser Jul 22
Some trauma. Oh doctor speak. 
                              Like you may feel a slight prick. Aka this is going to hurt. Needles are not fun. The shots to numb the area are painful. Dentist or doctor. A little prick NO.
CjVisser CjVisser Jul 22
Dr Jensen should of pointed out the water and cup on the stand or bedside table. And amnesia so did Kate know she was pregnant ? 
                              Like you lost the baby 
                              Oh yeah you were pregnant 
                              Did you know? 
                              I forgot you've lost your memory oops