*on hiatus* Seducing My Husband (Zarry AU)

*on hiatus* Seducing My Husband (Zarry AU)

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Anna By De_writer Updated Jan 14

Harry Styles is married to Zayn Malik, the CEO of a big company and now he's in a mission of seducing his husband. Why? Simple yet cliche answer, it's an arrange marriage.

Harry only have 100 days to seduce Zayn. Will he succeed or not?


What Harry doesn't know is, Zayn do like him. Due to unsolved tragedy that happen to Zayn makes him treat Harry coldy. The question is, will Zayn manage to solve his past or will he lose Harry?

((p/s: this story is a boyxboy story and just a tiny little bit of mpreg. if you're not into this stuff, don't read))

I love the modern vibe but I'm making my house more cozy bc I want it to feel welcoming and not like you can't sit on the furniture
Cherribellnat Cherribellnat Aug 15, 2016
You ever have that feeling you know a story is going to be good just by reading the first chapter? Yea that's what I'm feeling rn
haimishelysian haimishelysian Jul 13, 2015
but zayn it's gonna be so hard resisting those dimples and those eyes
reglyn143 reglyn143 Feb 18, 2015
the intro was nice.. I want to read it more so that I can understand the whole story.