Falling for Mr. Popular (BoyxBoy)

Falling for Mr. Popular (BoyxBoy)

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Amy Rajpat By Amy_theHybrid Completed

Stefan Hall has moved to New York with his older brother, Derek. They moved for three reasons:
One: Derek got a job promotion that requires him to live and work in New York.
Two: Five years ago when their mother died of cancer, their father turned into an abusive drunk.
Three: Derek found out that his little brother is being bullied and takes full custody of Stefan and ships them out to New York.

Stefan believes or rather he wants things to be different.

In this new school, in a town, in a new state Stefan gets a taste of the life a normal teenager.

He makes friends and enemies and experiences love and betrayal.

Amazingdilisonfire_ Amazingdilisonfire_ Jul 04, 2016
Dang you have a long ass lunch time mine is only like 30 min😐😫
DrWords DrWords Jun 26, 2016
You guys end so early. We start at 7:30 and ends at 5pm. Sad life
baby_bananana baby_bananana Dec 17, 2016
4'11 xD my school is full of giants while im here looking like a midget lol
Baby_Delirious Baby_Delirious Nov 29, 2016
Tell me your secrets for having so much time, enough to the point where you can take a bath before school without waking up at like 4 in the morning
Evil_Alien Evil_Alien Sep 14, 2016
What the hell? An hour wow! I have lunch for like 20 minutes and by the time I pack my stuff and open my lunch box Break is already over -_-
brianderson1999 brianderson1999 Sep 30, 2016
Hmph. My lunch is only 30 minutes. On A days its 10:14-10:44 on B days its 11:43-12:13 and on C days its 11:06-11:36