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My Easy A

My Easy A

401K Reads 3K Votes 48 Part Story
Rae Ann By Lol5679 Completed

Samantha Stevens (aka Sam) has finally made it to college with the goal of the swim team in mind. However when the coach Drew Daniels who is five years older than her starts hitting on her things start to heat up. Soon his liking to her turns into an all out battle to gain her affection. However are his methods of getting her good or will they have horrible consequences?

(Note: This is from my old quizilla account and will not be on there anymore. All new chapters will be on here :D)

BeccaStars BeccaStars Sep 05, 2016
Wait is it meant to be heat? I got told it was heat but it was probally for something else
LuckyLowkeyAf LuckyLowkeyAf Apr 07, 2016
OMG, this book is incredible. It should have more votes. Keep it up. 😊
chocfudgeO chocfudgeO Apr 28, 2015
Mr Daniels... so slimy :/ OH MA GAWD....*save my poor eyes* lol
foureyedgirl2012 foureyedgirl2012 May 25, 2013
Mr. Daniels is gross...I was kinda hoping he looks like Mr. Ezra Fitz from Pretty Little Liars...I picture Sam as Shay Mitchell also from PLL coz she's a swimmer in the story....
Lol5679 Lol5679 Apr 15, 2012
                              Thank you! And I like to think that it's not cliche, but I guess that's for the reader to really decide. Anyway, thank you for commenting and voting :D Let me know what you think later on!
lucohaze lucohaze Apr 15, 2012
Nice chapter. I like it since the idea seems nice for a story. I hope this doesn't turn out to be a cliché type of story.