Loving His Submission

Loving His Submission

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The Few, The Prøud, The Emøtiønal By PrinceKenzie Completed

Twenty-one year old Lane Wilder lives up to his name. A young college student that has fun in life and only worries about his next lay. With painful past memories, he's striving to make something of himself. He's got back on his feet, slowly, and now he's got a good life. Lane isn't perfect though, he makes mistakes like everyone else. One day while minding his own business, he crashes into a drop dead sexy man. Even though he's clear to the attraction between them, he wants nothing to do with this man that sends tingles down his spine with one glance. He's in for one hell of fight as the hunk of a man decides he's not letting him go and he wants Lane all to himself.

Matthias Daniels is twenty-five and has always gotten everything he wanted, except the one thing he wanted the most. As a child he was left in the care of nannies and butlers since his parents were workaholics that didn't have time for their kids. Now that he's a successful club owner he makes sure that if he wants something he gets it no matter what. So when he bumps into the most beautiful man he's ever seen, Matthias is determined to make the little spitfire his in every way. He's a Dominant, a highly possessive one at that and when he realizes that his boy is running from something his protectiveness kicks into overdrive. But the young man repeatedly shuts him down, something he's not used to, making it difficult for him to help.

Cover by: @peakybooo

I honestly don't know how many time I've re-read this book 😂
I would go to the other story first but, I've been waiting to read this....I'm liking...
He trying to raise the price i'd be like why 98 cent why not 1 cent hmmm??? Or betta yet no cent
StreZZed StreZZed 4 days ago
I've only read the title n I jizzed alrdy. The power of Kenzie' s book man
BlueJay30300 BlueJay30300 6 days ago
This happens so often in books, but I've never heard about someone doing it for real