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AmazingPhil/Phil Lester X Reader

AmazingPhil/Phil Lester X Reader

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!!!emodjh!!! By Aisaki Updated Apr 26, 2016


i canT
I'll write just a fEW MORE CHAPTERS...
Dan was in traveling somewhere and Phil was at the mall with June and April.
"...And that's how I poked a hole through my friend's eyelid." May sighed and rested her head on the table. (This is a true story guys.)
"Hey, at least you didn't kill anyone...!" You pat her head.
"I COULD'VE." May slammed her head against it.
"But you didn-- Ouch..." You suddenly got some pain in your stomach. May brought her head up.
"You okay...?"
"Uh, yeah, just... Some stomach ache I guess." Totoro jumped onto the table and rubbed his face against your arm. (I kind of been forgetting about Totoro!!)
"Hey, have you been feeling nauseous lately?" May randomly asked.
"Uh, no. Wait, do you think I'm pregnant just because of a stomach ache?!"
"Well, I mean... you diiiiid have the dickle stickled in your pickle..."
"Pretty sure we used protection."
"But maybe his toxic waste leaked into your sewer."
"Whatever you say." You pet Totoro's back. "I don't have a...

dongsaennie dongsaennie Mar 21, 2016
Yellow and Purple :)
                              I laughed at "What...What...? What?! Que? Como? Eh?! Huh?!"
- - Aug 18, 2016
i would pick lions over llamas any day
                              lions are my favourite animals *>*
Maddog333martin Maddog333martin Jul 03, 2016
*starts crying tears of joy*
                              *starts legit sobbing*
FabIzMyName FabIzMyName Aug 17, 2016
Can I just say I wouldn't try to swear and if I did I'd probably fail miserably.
IsitMia IsitMia Nov 08, 2015
memyselfandphandoms memyselfandphandoms Aug 08, 2015
Now if this were only true Phil noticed me twice on you now but it's still not what I actually want you know???